One day a wizard walked into town…

Little did Ralph Broadfield know what awaited him in the tavern at Korré. After befriending an angry, drunken halfling woman by the name of Melvis Cresley, the two set out on an adventure that would take them to other worlds and back.

Since that fateful meeting, they have been joined by other adventurers:

Boltwitz Morgar, an eager gnome from the isle of Kephalos in the Bellig Isles,
Baltis Drevan, a mysterious tiefling from the central Bellig Isle,
Manjo of Pilgrim, a dwarf exiled and shamed due to past transgressions,
and, most recently, Neveah, a quiet deva whose intentions are yet unknown.

Beginning to embark on their quest to find Jesse Tuphis in the city of Overfell, they have arrived in the city of Constance, where each of them hope to find new answers to old questions.

The Standing Stones Campaign